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Websites That Drive Your Impact

If your website isn’t consistently turning visitors into buyers, donors, supporters, and subscribers and producing the results you need, you’re in the right place.

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I work with mission-driven non-profits, travel and tourism businesses, purpose-driven professional services companies, and community organizations who know they can make a bigger impact in the world with a better website.

I work with mission-driven non-profits, travel and tourism business, purpose-driven professional services companies, and community organizations who know they can make a bigger impact in the world with a better website.

You started your business for a reason. You believe in the impact of your work and the difference it can make in the lives of those you work with.

For your business to grow and thrive, you need other people to know you exist. It doesn’t serve you or the people you can help to be a best-kept secret. You know, if you can just get in front of the right people, everything can and will change.

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Mobile homepage of RM Winery

Truth: You wouldn’t be here if you were satisfied with the results of your current website

You’re here because you’re not satisfied. You’re here because you want to be able to do more, and you know that while your current website got you to where you are today, it’s not going to get you to where you want to go in the future.

If you want to bring your big vision to life, you need to do more than show up. You need a website that is more than pretty; that moves beyond beautiful. You need a website that inspires the right people to act — to subscribe to your mailing list, donate to your cause, reach out, and hire you. With the right website, your organization will be positioned to make a difference today and for years to come.

Experience the difference a partner who understands your mission can make

The way you show up and the experience you deliver through your website needs to represent the value of your work. When your website truly reflects your brilliance, the genius of what you do, the experience you provide, and the transformation you create, it can be the next best thing to talking to or working with you in person.

Website Design & Development

Whether it’s one client or an entire industry, you believe in what you’re doing.

That’s why from strategy to design and development, I work closely beside you to make sure every aspect of your project is focused on the areas that will help you to deliver your most impactful results and lays the groundwork for even greater growth. Together, we can magnify the good work you’re already doing.

Website Support Plans

A website that drives your mission and connects your audience is your organization’s most important asset.

Ensuring your website stays secure and performing at its best is invaluable. That’s why I serve as a trusted partner who can keep your website protected, secure, and performing well so you can focus on positively impacting your clients and the world.

Homepage of Children of Faith Missions


Increasing donor engagement and boosting donations through a website redesign

Children of faith Missions is a non-profit run by a small but passionate group of volunteers raising funds for a children’s home in Visakhapatnam, India. A collaborative website redesign put their mission, values, and impact front and center, and a manageable approach to triple their donor communication, grow their mailing list, and drove an increase in online donations.

Ginny Ross

Before Patrick helped us with our website, it was very dated and didn’t really reflect the energy and importance of our non-profit organization. As with many non-profits, our budget was tight and our bureaucracy slow, but Patrick was patient and creative.  He brought us great ideas for making our website engaging and for finding new, more efficient ways to connect with our donors.

– Virginia Ross

Children of Faith Missions Board Secretary

Travel & Tourism

Empowering a small tour company to save time and increase monthly sales

Behind The Scenes adventure is dedicated to helping travelers connect their passion for textiles to go behind the scenes and get hands-on with communities and cultures still practicing traditional crafts. By bringing their registration and sales process online, they regained hours of lost time, and a website redesign made it easier for visitors to discover their unique destinations, expanding their reach and growing sales.

Homepage design of Behind The Scenes Adventures