The Transformation Your Business Needs Starts Here

If you’re like most businesses, you have a website that worked fine to get you where you are today, but you know it isn’t going to deliver the results you need moving forward.

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A tested, creative, collaborative approach to building your organization’s next website

I work closely with established purpose-driven professional services companies, mission-driven organizations, and non-profits who want to amplify their impact online. Together we work to level up their brands through a tried and tested, collaborative approach to website design, strategy, and conversion.

Too many companies face the same issues when it comes to their websites:

  • Outdated design that doesn’t reflect who your organization or business is now
  • A site that doesn’t demonstrate your expertise or build upon the authority and brand equity your brand has already established
  • Messaging that fails to connect to your clients and supporters and fails to differentiate you from the competition or drive new opportunities.
  • Not enough qualified leads leaves you reliant on referrals, your existing supporter base, third-party partners, or marketing tactics that only sort of work
  • Not knowing which approach to take or where to start…

If you are here, then you can probably relate, and you’re ready for a change — and you want more than limited options and cookie-cutter solutions.

Patrick Boehner

About Patrick Boehner

I never set out to build websites. I wanted to be an artist and was an art school nerd, taking every class I could get my hands on. I had experience in design, but it was never my plan. I was doing real art, and while I will always be a yearbook kid at heart, the thought of doing logo designs for the rest of my life seemed like selling out. So I made myself a promise; there was no way in hell I would ever be a designer.

But after the safety of art school, I found myself doing piecemeal work that I didn’t love. I spent years working with photographers, teaching software, creating workflows, brand designs, and photo retouching. Eventually, those photographers started asking me If I could help them with their websites. That one request led to discovering work that I love and makes an impact on the businesses of the clients I work with every day.

Today, I love the moment of sitting across from a client, presenting a design, and seeing their excitement and joy in discovering exactly what they wanted but never realizing how good what they wanted could be. The enthusiasm they experience as a project comes together in a way that takes a jumble of ideas and possible directions and turns them into a website or solution that exceeds expectations.


The year I shifted my business to focus on creating results-driven websites for experienced organizations with a mission.

70% of clients

Continue working with me for more than 5 years because they have experienced the benefits of a long-term partnership.

6 Phase Process

Delivering the right solutions and an excellent service you can rely on requires a defined and tested process.

Results that matter

I love the collaborative process and putting my 10 years of experience to work to help clients build online presences that connect with customers who need their services — clients who are ready to move beyond tired old approaches and limited solutions that don’t actually solve problems.

Instead, by taking time to get to know your organization’s challenges and goals, understand your audience, and explore options, you can feel confident the strategy and approach we take will deliver the results you need. Pairing your organization’s best interests and my commitment to quality lays the groundwork for a site that not only looks good but performs well and delivers long-term results.

You get a website that is uniquely yours, a website that:

  • Stands out from the competition
  • Represents your experience and authority
  • Communicates what you do, who you serve, and the results you can achieve
  • Builds your marketing list
  • Consistently converts your website visitors into new, high-quality leads
  • Highlights the impact your work has on the world
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