WordPress Support & Care Plans

Website Support That Keeps You Focused On Your Business

Your website is one of the most critical parts of your organization. It’s where people go to learn more about you, what you do, and how you can help — and it’s the first place leads, donors, supporters, members, or clients go when they are ready to connect and work with you.

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The truth is that you’ve got more important work you could be doing to reach your next ambitious goal than to spend that time troubleshooting problems on your website.

The truth is that you’ve got more important work you could be doing to reach your next ambitious goal than to spend that time troubleshooting problems on your website.

Who is managing your organization’s most important marketing asset?

Ongoing website care ensures your website shows up every day to perform at its best — fast, performant, and secure. When your website suffers slowdowns, encounters errors, or becomes compromised, it leads to lost business, missed opportunities, and lower revenue.

But for savvy business owners like you, time spent working on your website is time you’re not spending working on your business or helping your clients. And when the burden of supporting your website falls on your staff, it distracts them from vital day-to-day responsibilities and slows progress.

With your website support and maintenance in the hands of a professional, updates, backups, and security is handled for you, which means your team can focus on driving traffic, nurturing leads, engaging your audience, closing sales, and growing revenue.

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Peace of mind so you never worry about your website again

A website care plan ensures your website continues to perform as well as the day it went live and provides access to an experienced partner who is committed to supporting your organization and your important goals.

Whether you’re a small organization that is tired of worrying about keeping your website protected, secure, and performing well, or you are a growing business that needs a strategic partner to make sure their site seamlessly supports your biggest ongoing goals, I have a package that meets your needs. 

Website support that goes beyond simple maintenance

You have worked hard and invested a lot of time and effort into your website — and getting it launched doesn’t mean the work is over. As a website owner, you’re responsible for maintaining it, which means as long as your website exists, there will be work to do. Successful websites need regular care and support so they continue to work and remain secure — and you need a trusted expert that is just a phone call away.

Dedicated Hands-On Help

Occasional website issues are common and getting them resolved shouldn’t require lots of back and forth to price every small issue. You deserve a partner who can quickly respond to and resolve problems. That’s why all but our basic core plan includes time dedicated to supporting you and addressing small issues at no additional cost.

Access to Expert Support

With a professional on your side, you always have someone to call. You’re not just another number in an endless low-level support queue. Instead, you get direct access to an expert with over a decade of experience designing, developing, and supporting WordPress-based websites.

Proactive Software Updates

Software is constantly changing and no code is completely free of bugs and vulnerabilities. The software that powers your website is no different. A website that is reliable, safe, and secure starts with keeping it up to date. As part of your care plan, I monitor, review, and take care of all core WordPress and plugin updates.

Monitoring & Testing

While every update introduces the potential for software conflicts and errors, your website must remain reliable. When emails aren’t delivered, forms go down, and integrations break, valuable leads and new revenue is lost. Automated testing and monitoring help identify and fix issues quickly.

Performance & Optimization

Websites grow over time. Keeping your website fast and performant is important to competing online. Each site is reviewed for hosting performance, load time, page speed, plugin reliability, and image optimization. Best practices are implemented to keep your website running fast year after year.

Providing for Future Growth

Having an existing relationship with a design and development partner means that when your website needs to expand and grow, you don’t have to start from scratch with a stranger who doesn’t know you or your website. Enjoy reliability and trust, along with savings on future projects.

Built on a strong base for all websites

Management & Support

Build a long-term relationship with someone who understands your website and its role in your business, quickly responds to your needs, and is only a phone call away.

Website Monitoring

When your website goes down or experiences an issue, I am the first to know and the first to respond.

Backup and Restore

Offsite daily backups ensure that your website is one click away from being restored if the worst ever happens.

Website Security

A strong base of security best practices helps minimize the chances that your website is ever compromised.

Frequent Updates

Never worry about updates again, as every site is reviewed and updated twice a month to reduce risk and improve reliability.

Automated Testing

Every site is different, so every website receives its own set of tests to make sure important forms and functions don’t fail silently.

Website care plan pricing


Website Growth

The Grown Plan is perfect for organizations with mission-critical websites that benefit from dedicated time and discounted pricing.

  • WordPress CoreMonitored and updated when stable
  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates Twice a month
  • Security Updates Same business day
  • Support Hours2 hours per month
  • Response Time Same business day
  • Additional Support Discounted hourly rate
  • Project Rates & Scheduling10% discounted rate & priority scheduling
  • Testing & Monitoring Automated workflow testing
  • Transactional email monitoring
  • Multiple full-site backups per day
  • Security & uptime monitoring
  • Support & custom training videos
  • Premium plugin licensing, a $650 savings

Best Value • $150/month

Website Support

The Support Plan goes beyond the basics and is perfect for the site owner looking for peace of mind and reliable, dedicated support.

  • WordPress CoreMonitored and updated when stable
  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates Twice a month
  • Security Updates Same business day
  • Support Hours 1 hour per month
  • Response Time Within one business day
  • Additional Support Discounted hourly rate
  • Project Rates & Scheduling 10% discounted rate
  • Testing & Monitoring Automated workflow testing
  • Transactional email monitoring
  • One full-site backup per day
  • Security & uptime monitoring
  • Support & training videos
  • Premium plugin licensing, a $650 savings


Website Core

The Core Plan covers the basics a site owner needs for peace of mind without any additional priority support or discounted hourly rates.

  • WordPress CoreMonitored and updated when stable
  • WordPress Plugin & Theme Updates Twice a month
  • Security Updates Same business day
  • Support Hours*— Available at standard rate
  • Response Time Within two business days
  • Additional Support Standard hourly rate
  • Project Rates & SchedulingStandard project rate and scheduling
  • Testing & Monitoring Automated workflow testing
  • Transactional email monitoring is not available on this plan
  • One full-site backup per day
  • Security & uptime monitoring
  • Support & training videos

* Support hours are available, billed hourly at a standard rate.

Website peace of mind in four steps

Step 1:

Initial consultation

To provide an exceptional level of support, I want to get to know your business and the role your website plays in it. We will have a quick conversation to understand your needs and get started on the next step.

Step 2:

Review & Priorities

To do the best for your website, I need to understand how it was built and ensure it’s working well. A website Health Checkup report helps uncover any mission-critical issues. Together, we will prioritize what needs to be fixed right away and put together areas to improve in the future.

Step 3:

Implementing Fixes

Resolving any immediate issues helps make sure your website is in its best shape. Once your site is ready to go, monthly support will begin.

Step 4:

Ready To Go

That’s it, now you can put your feet up, relax, and have peace of mind knowing that your website is safe, secure, and taken care of by a partner you can trust.

Frequently asked questions

To provide the best support to all clients, I need to make sure the websites I support are websites that I feel confident assuming responsibility for. If I did not build your website, then I require an initial Website Health Checkup Report to understand the current setup of your website, identify any issues that would cause problems with reliability, and provide ongoing monthly website maintenance services.

The report is a fixed fee of $150, but that fee covers the first month of your website care plan. As part of the report, I will go over whats working well and what concerning issues were uncovered. I’ll provide a recommended set of priorities to resolve any immediate issues. I will also perform all website updates, monitoring tasks, and a full site backup. Any other recommendations are optional and can easily be added to the list of work completed later on as part of your support hours.

A report is not required for clients whose websites I build and who join a care plan within a year of the website launch. This requirement is subject to my discretion.

No, the cost is separate. At the end of the report, I will provide an estimate of the time and cost to resolve the website problems. Once any immediate issues are resolved, the website can start on its care plan.

I don’t offer website hosting with care plans. I believe it’s important for clients to have their own hosting so they’re not locked into a provider.

As part of your care plan and supporting your website, I will help manage interactions and communications with your website host. It’s the best of both worlds. The only thing you will need to do is pay your hosting bill.

Issues will happen. When a theme or plugin causes issues or the website breaks, I will work to evaluate the problem and fix the issue quickly. For clients with care plan hours, I will spend up to an hour trying to resolve the issue. If the issue can’t be fixed within that time or the issue is more complex, I’ll restore the website from an earlier backup point and contact you to discuss what the next steps are in resolving the issue.

If the issue was not caused by a theme or plugin update and was instead caused by other website users, staff, or third parties who have access to the website, then it’s not covered by you website care plan. If you are on the Support or Growth plan, your plan time can be used to resolve the issue. Otherwise, I am happy to help resolve those issues, but I will provide a separate time and cost estimate for the work involved, as the website care plan does not cover it.

Websites get hacked when maintenance and updates are ignored. A preventative approach to maintenance means a hacked website is a lot less likely to happen.

I can’t guarantee that your website will never be hacked. But if your website ever has a major event, I will help resolve the hack until your website is safe and back online by providing cleanup and restoration of the website from database and file backups.

In certain cases, an outside service may be required, which is not covered by the care plan. For clients with care plan hours, if I can’t restore the website from backups within two hours or the issue is more complex, I will contact you to discuss what the next steps are in resolving the issue.

Websites on the Support and Growth plans both include one to two hours dedicated to providing email and phone support, which ensures I’m available to answer questions, consult, and troubleshoot. Additionally, the time can be used for small tasks, fixes, content, and image updates through the website that takes less than 30 minutes each. For websites that need additional dedicated time for content, design, or development work, retainers are available.

Care plan time does not roll over. The hours in your care plan are considered use-it-or-lose-it and must be used during the current month.

All care plans require an automatic recurring monthly Debit/Credit payment, bank or ACH transfer. Payments are charged on the first of the month. All major credit or debit cards are accepted.

I don’t believe in forcing you to pay for a service you don’t find value in, so no long-term contracts are required. You may cancel your monthly website support plan at any time by providing a written 30 days notice. I may cancel services at any time when support matching any payments made has been delivered by providing written 30 days notice. This provides time to wind down our work together, package up all assets you may need, and assist with the transition.

I am available Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Pacific time, excluding holidays. The best way to get in contact with me is by email or phone. If you need support outside normal business hours please send an email and I will respond within 24-48 hours to your inquiry.